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35 Islington Road
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Beverly Droz
35 Islington Road
Newton, MA 02466



Notes: Prints include both Watercolors and Pen & Ink work. Most matts through size 11x14 are double matted and matting color is matched to compliment the artwork. They are sleeved for protection and perfect for gift giving! Some 9x12 and 12x16 sizes are also available.

Item Size or Description Price
Prints, matted & sleeved 3½” x 5” in 5x7matt for 5x7 frame $10
5” x 7” in 8x10 matt for 8x10 frame $15
8” x 10” in 11x14 matt for 11x14 frame $25
11” x 14” in 16x20 matt for 16x20 frame $35
Sizes larger than for a 16x20 require custom cut matting & printing  
All-occasion Note Cards Quality stock, typically 5” x 7” w/envelope $3
(4 for $10)
“Refrigerator” magnets Limited selection but fun gifts! $2 - $5
ORIGINAL watercolors Sizes from small to large, prices dependent on size and scope of work $20 - $800
Commissioned work Dependent on size and time required